Out with the Old And in With the New–Spirit Of Sharing 2014!

It’s 2014 and we, here at Spirit Of Sharing, couldn’t be happier. We are ready to take on the new year with fundraising challenges and even expanding our ability to help those active duty military families in need throughout the year. But we cannot do this alone. We need help! Volunteers are always welcome, as well as, donors, fundraisers, brainstormers and anyone else that has innovative ideas of ways SOS can broaden their scope and reach out to more military families in need within Southern California. SOS plans to make this year the most community involved year ever to date. The war in Afghanistan is winding down and our troops are coming home, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten those who are currently serving abroad. We also cannot forget those who’ve paid the ultimate price either with life or limb. Our duty to their families and the duty we all share to the men and women of the US military cannot end just because the holiday giving season is over. We must come together and not only remember those brave men and women who serve, but give back a little of our time, energy, gratitude, and monetary assistance when our service members and their families are in the most need.

SOS provides need based assistance to those active duty military families in the Southern California region whose needs, are financial, due to military related stressors, such as deployments, or some unforeseen circumstance (i.e. death and/or sickness). We focus a great deal of our attention on those families with children who have a parent, or parents deployed, or about to deploy. Children are often the ones who suffer the most because they cannot make any of the decisions, but will endure the stresses related to deployment and often do not have the words to express themselves. SOS aims to assist those active duty military families in Southern California between the southern most point of the San Diego area to Camp Lemoore in the San Gabriel Valley with children who fit this criteria during the holiday season and throughout the year, in special need based circumstances. This does not mean we wish to exclude any military members in our local community without children who are in need, however, our emphasis on military families with children represents our desire to help those most in need who cannot help themselves.



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